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Buy 5f-AKB48 for a variety of applications in the lab. A popular area of research is to vapourise 5f-AKB48 and pass the fumes over suitable cellular substrates in petri dishes to analyse.

5 F -AKB 48 is a drug that binds itself with the receptors of the cannabinoid. Users have reported that the effects of the drug are very mild but the dosages vary on different individuals.

Citation: highdroid. "Very Pleasant in Exact Dosages : An Experience with 5 F -AKB 48 (ID 108538. Erowid. org).

We strongly recommend that researchers ensure their lab is equiped with 0.001g digital scales capable of accurately measuring low single digit quantities of 5f-AKB48. Wholesale 5f-AKB48 Enquiries Welcome. Bulk 5f-AKB48 Quantities Available.

Dosage Form: Other, Powder. Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Related Products: Tag:5 f -AKB -48s 5fakb48s Cas 65.

5f-AKB48 Synthetic Cannabinoid. Another Exciting Cannabinoid Chemical Available @ Official Benzo Fury. AKB48 is a pentyl indazole with structural similarity to JWH 018 and STS-135 synthetic cannabinoids (CBs). AKB48 N-(5-fluoropentyl) analog differs structurally.

There maybe an increase in paranoia with repeated dosage and with larger quantities. Source: BB. Chemical labeled as: 5 F -AKB -48.

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The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational 5 F -AKB 48 use do not seem to have been studied in any scientific context and the exact toxic dosage is unknown.