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Q: What makes you different from your competitors? A: Other companies have attempted small-scale pilot projects that have never truly commercialized into cost-effective solutions. Our company is focused on plasma gasification technology.

Systems utilized by Alfa are stationary or portable, modular and scalable. Alfas gasification plant partners and plasma arc technology providers aim to cleanly and efficiently convert biomass, agricultural, municipal, coal and toxic.

Padilla provides more insight into Alpha Energy Solutions by answering the following questions. Q: What new projects or systems have you been focusing on this year? A: Currently, Alfa Group is working.

Our goal was to complete the site evaluation exercise by Q4 2014 and begin the permitting process early in 2015. A typical system can be operational in 16 months once we complete.

Alfa Energy Solutions, based in Philadelphia, has specialized expertise in converting various waste streams using what it says are proven technologies to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner and therefore eliminating.

The technology challenge has been designing the systems to be energy producers and to safely process a variety of waste streams in a cost-effective manner. Alfa Group has assembled the best strategic.

Alfa Energy Solutions got its start in Pennsylvania in 2007 when its founders began looking at the need to dispose of several waste streams in a manner that was responsible and effective.

We need to think about how what we do today impacts future generations and we also need to implement the best available technologies to address our environmental challenges, Oscar Padilla, Alfa Energy.

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