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India Spice House - Indian Restaurant and Grocery in Eden Prairie

India Spice read more. We at India Spice provide the finest. Indian cuisine in the area. Our Menu read more. Check out our extensive menu with plenty of delicious dishes to choose.

OUR PHILOSOPHY. Fresh Fresh ingredients, Fresh food. India Spice House pulsates with the spirit of offering an energetic dining experience that takes guests on an eclectic culinary adventure through some of the.

Sharing. Enjoying. Memories are made everyday at the table you dont need a special occasion, dining at India Spice House itself is an occasion to celebrate.

Relaxed Whats the rush? Experience the exquisite simplicity of authentic Indian food at India Spice House, with food that awakens the senses with subtle flavors, creative flair and delicate finesse. Special Laughing.

Tasty Got an appetite? Relish exotic spices and aromatic herbs, right at your table and ready to go. Comfortable. Be yourself and come as you are just out of bed, right off.

Photo Gallery read more. Check out our photo gallery of our. Restaurant and some of our dishes. OUR PROMOTIONS. GO TO MENU. Copyright India Spice.

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